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Terracotta Pullman

Studio 509 Arts Camp: July 23-25: Butterflies & Bugs

Studio 509 Arts Camp: July 23-25: Butterflies & Bugs

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Studio 509
Jul. 23-25
1-4 p.m.

Butterflies and bugs!: Join our Mother-Daughter Artistic Duo Ivanka and Olha to explore multiple mediums as we create butterfly and bug-inspired fused glass, rock paintings, drawings and collage! This 3-day class series will create one-of-a-kind art pieces

  • Class 1- Understanding the forms, materials, drawing and collage
  • Class 2- Creating fused glass, bug-inspired suncatchers
  • Class 3- Transforming river rocks into insect art

        All supplies are provided.

        Camps occur 1pm-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday in our AC-cooled art studio at Gladish (the one with the bright blue door on West Main Street.)  Add Friday for a bonus day of wheel lessons, fused glass creations or custom glazing project for $49.

        About our Artist Instructors:

        Olha Hrytsiuk and Ivanka Petrukha  are accomplished multi-medium artists who taught art therapy in Ukraine before and during the war.  As a Mother-Daughter artistic team, they owned an art studio near the border, and stayed until there was no choice but to flee.  As recent refugees, Ivanka and Olha are learning English at Spokane Community College. 

        They are excited to be part of the Terracotta Pullman team and sharing the joy and processes of creating again. Ivanka and Olha are skilled educators and demonstrate their joy and talents through accessible techniques. They empower those around them to get messy and set themselves free through a joyful, creative process.  Both find inspiration in the seasons and natural world, and are inspired to celebrate simply being alive.

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