Studio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I’ve never done pottery before/it’s been 20 years…
Welcome to your new happy place! Unlike most pottery studios, we specialize in beginning pottery, and strive to sculpt community among folks with diverse skills, experiences, ideas, and inspirations.

When is Terracotta open?
By appointment. 

We’re too small of a studio still to operate any differently at this time.

Want us to be open more? Us, too! Please book some time or consider purchasing a membership. 

… But there’s always people in there!
They made appointments.

You’re always so busy!
Yep. That’s why appointments are so useful. 

I see people inside but the doors are locked. What gives.
In general, the people inside the studio are not staff, they’re members, and they’re enjoying their scheduled time in the studio. Please don’t tap on the glass. It startles the potters. And that makes a big mess that someone’s gotta clean up.

I tried to make an appointment for today but the website won't let me.
In general, we do not offer same-day appointments. You need to book your time in advance so we can be appropriately staffed and set up to support your success in the studio. Because we’re … small. 

Is the glazed pottery food-safe? Microwave-safe? Dishwasher-safe?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

My kiddo made this thing seven months ago …

When will my pottery be done?
We do our best to guestimate how long pottery will take to get into the kiln based on its size, thickness, amount of water used, and the weather. But ultimately it’s mud we’re talking about here. It’s not an assembly line. And it’s gonna do what it wants to do. And we do our best to wait until it’s least likely to explode in the kiln before moving it forward in our process.

How do you know when pottery is ready to fire?
By touch. We handle every single piece of pottery before loading the kiln to confirm it’s no longer cool to the touch. The coolness indicates a still-wet piece of pottery that’s not yet ready for the kiln. 

I need to glaze my pottery, and my cousin and their fiancé are in town. Can they come hang with me while I do it…
We’re a small studio .

We don’t have extra seats. 

Please schedule your glaze day for a time that works better for your schedule. And please for the love of flowers, take your pottery home and bring it back to glaze. Don’t leave it on our shelves. We’re *the worst* storage unit in Pullman. 

Can I buy clay from you?

Can you fire pottery I made somewhere else?
Yes, and it depends. 

Do you have classes for kids?

Can I bring food into the studio?
Big Nope. 

Is it ok if I get clay or glaze on my clothes? Will it wash out?
Yep. But please take a picture of yourself covered in clay and glaze and tag us on IG, first! 

I don’t want to make pottery. I just want to paint it.
Our friends in Moscow’s Wild At Art do a *really* great job at this kind of activity, and we suggest supporting our sisters in creative small business! 

But don’t you have something I can just … paint?
Ok, fine. Yes. We do have a limited selection of handmade pottery available for purchase and glazing in the studio. 

Do you sell your pottery?
Yep. Online.

Can I place a custom order?
YEP. Online.

What do I do with my tools when I’m done?
Put ‘em in the red bucket. 

Where do I put my pottery when I’m done?
On a bakers rack in the studio. Any shelf. 

Where do I put my just-glazed pottery?
On the large black rack by the side door. The one that says Glazed next to it.

Where do I find my pottery after it's fired?
On a shelf with the date your pottery was made. Make sure you put the date on the bottom of your pottery when you make it, or it will have nowhere to go on the other side of the kiln. 

Or if you’re lucky and fast—you can pick up your just-fired pottery in the cart outside the studio the same day it comes out of the kiln. Watch our social media channels for pictures of what’s freshly fired each morning.

Where do I find my finished, glazed pottery?
In our back studio space, on the shelf with other glazed pottery. Depending on space, it will either go back to your date shelf where you found it after its first firing, or it will go to a designated rack with other glazed pottery in the back.