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Terracotta Pullman

Private Kiln Firing

Private Kiln Firing

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Work must be approved before firing, and all clay and glaze information (manufacturer, picture of labels) provided. Work that damages the kiln or kiln furniture will be charged a damage fee based on cost of replacement and repair, as well as any negative impact to the firing capacity or schedule at a cost of $115/day. 

Cone 6 Mid-Range Glaze Firing:

  • All work must be dry footed, with no glaze on the bottom of the pieces.
  • We do NOT stilt your work at this temperature, as the stilts are only rated to low-fire temperatures. You may purchase your own and provide them with the firing. They may melt and your piece may fall over.
  • Glaze can melt and move at this temperature. Leave some room at the bottom of your piece to allow for vertical glaze movement.

Beads and Jewelry:

  • You must string your beads on High Temp wire and provide your own bead bars for us to fire.

General Caution:

  • You should be aware that firing can have unpredictable results. Your pieces may break or the glaze may not turn out as you expect. If the unforeseen happens in our kilns, you may still be held responsible for the firing charges.
  • In addition, if your piece is still wet, we will hold it until it is dry enough to safely fire. If your piece is solid or has air trapped inside (no vent holes), it may crack or explode in the kiln. We will not fire any piece that we feel is a risk to other pieces in the kiln and to prevent potential damage to our kilns. We will contact you to come pick up your work if it is rejected for firing.


  • Prices start at $2.50/piece, depending on size, or by half and full kiln.
  • Half kiln cone 06 or 6: $55
  • Full kiln cone 06 or 6: $99
  • Total capacity available in the kiln is 16x16x16. All items must be smaller than this
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