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Terracotta Pullman

Custom Cake Stands

Custom Cake Stands

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What's better than a homemade slice of cake? Serving it on a handmade, custom cake stand!

Create the pedestal for all your special occasions in this first-ever pottery workshop! 

In this class, artists of all ages and abilities will get to utilize our slab-roller to transform terracotta clay into large slabs to sculpt with.  Artists will then be instructed on how to create a platter, add custom imprints and textures, sculpt a base, and finally connect all the pieces into one, food-safe masterpiece. 


Do you have a family motto? Inscribe it!

Do you know a fun guy who is obsessed with fungi? Make a mushroom-shaped cake stand!


Whoever you're making this for or sharing it with, we have the tools, equipment, instructors and Dad jokes to help you transform a lump of mud into a cherished tradition.


Cake stands will be ready to glaze approximately two weeks after creation, and ready to take home and use about one week after glazing. 


Sept. 16, 9am-11:30am

Nov. 8, 6-8:30pm



**Due to the large size of these pieces of pottery, seating for this workshop is limited to ensure everyone can get their work through the kiln in a timely fashion. 

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