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Terracotta Pullman

Beginner Wheel Orientation Classes

Beginner Wheel Orientation Classes

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These 2-hour classes are for folks (ages 12 and up only, please) who are new to potter's wheels, with up to six students per class. Each student will have their own pottery wheel, and will learn basic skills such as how to wedge (prepare) the clay, center the clay on the wheel, and form a bowl. Students will also learn about the different tools available to help, and how to set up and clean the wheel (a community expectation for all studio users).

Attendees should plan on returning to the studio the very next Tuesday between 4 and 8 p.m. to trim their work. Studio members are on-hand during this time slot to assist new potters with trimming.  Please use this opportunity to finish your creation, and ensure it doesn't get abandoned on our shelves. All untrimmed pottery from the previous week is recycled Wednesday morning. 

Once a student has completed a basic orientation workshop, they are cleared to start participating in Studio Wheel Hours. Practice is highly recommended for beginners to build their muscles and skill to learn how to throw different objects such as mugs, vases, candle holders, plates, and more.

Classes are scheduled for 90 minutes of instruction, and students should plan on about 30 minutes for setup and clean up, for a total of two hours.

Please be prompt: Due to the small size and shared community nature of our studio, we are unable to hold onto unclaimed work.

Pottery that is untrimmed by the following Wednesday is recycled

Pottery which is unglazed after four weeks (after creation or after glazing) becomes the property of the studio.

Unclaimed pottery may be given away, sold, or donated at the discretion of the owner of the studio. So far in 2023, we have raised more than 500lbs in canned food donations for the Communication Action Center through this exact process. If you would like to adopt unclaimed pottery, you can do so by booking a seat for Pottery Painting 

Please be prompt when trimming, glazing and picking up your work so that we can continue to offer maximum access at minimal cost for our community, thank you!

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