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Terracotta Pullman

Studio Wheel Hours

Studio Wheel Hours

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This is an opportunity exclusively for people with prior wheel-throwing experience, who are confident centering clay, setting up, and cleaning up after themselves. You will share the studio with a Terracotta employee or two as they work behind-the-scenes on other studio tasks and can assist with basic support but not instruction during these time slots.

Studio Wheel Hours include:

  • Up to 5lbs of mid-fire clay
  • Firing & glazing (cone 6)
  • All basic tools
  • Use of the wheel


1-2 days after you throw on the wheel: Plan to trim your work within 36 hours of creating it.
NOTE: Wheel-thrown pottery that is not trimmed within 36 hours of its creation will be considered abandoned and thus recycled. 
Trimming is available for drop-ins: Monday through Friday 4-8 p.m., and other times by appointment. If you wish to add a handle—plan to do that during your trimming time as well.
10-14 days after you make your pottery: Depending on thickness and weather, your work will be ready to glaze 10 days+ after you created it. Please glaze your work at your soonest availability as our studio is small and shelf space is limited.

Glaze Time: Save time and reserve your Glaze Time now! Terracotta is proud to announce improvements to our Glaze Times, where you now get to choose from three different levels of glazing:

Terracotta is proud to announce improvements to our Glaze Times, where you now get to choose from three different levels of glazing:

  • ComplimentaryChoose from a variety of standard glaze colors at no additional cost.
  • Premium: Includes two hours in the studio with access to a wide range of high-quality, limited-quantity glazes including tie-die, speckle, gold, and other glazes you won't find anywhere else around Pullman.
  • Underglaze: Now available for the first time at Terracotta! With underglazes, you can apply them the same day that you sculpt your pottery, so that you can take them home finished after the initial firing, rather than having to come back for glazing and wait for the second firing. Available in a range of beautiful colors! Using one of our pottery wheels? Come back the next day for trimming when your pottery is leather-hard, and apply the underglazes at the same time. They'll be finished and ready for you to bring home after the initial firing! 

Please be prompt: Due to the small size and shared community nature of our studio, we are unable to hold onto unclaimed work. Pottery that is unclaimed within three weeks (after creation or after glazing) becomes the property of the studio and may be given away, sold, or donated at the discretion of the owner of the studio. Please be prompt when glazing and picking up your work so that we can continue to offer maximum access at minimal cost for our community, thank you!

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