Pullman Members Only

Reserve your studio time now:

Thank you so much for supporting our studio with an exclusive Terracotta Membership!

As a reminder, here is what Terracotta members enjoy:

  • Up to 25 lbs. of clay each month and discount rates on the purchase of more clay. Clay can be kept at the studio, or taken home. 
  • Up to 10 hours of Members-Only Studio Wheel Hours per week
  • Up to 10 hours of Members-Only Studio Sculpting Hours per week
  • Access to glaze and finish work during any open hours
  • 24-hour advance access to the monthly schedule to book your time slots before they’re available to the public.
  • All equipment, firing, and glazing (cone 06 and cone 6)
  • 20% off workshops, classes, retail sales, and event bookings 
  • A vote in the monthly decisions of which causes and charities to support as a studio
  • Exclusive 24/7 access to the studio and Wet Room using our new smartlocks (Please make sure you reserve your studio time, no matter what time of the day/night you come in) 

All for $249/month (six-month commitment)

*can be shared among members of the same household (roommates, spouses, kids).