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Terracotta Pullman

Glaze Time to Finish Your Projects

Glaze Time to Finish Your Projects

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Glazing has changed!

  • Dip Glazing: Complimentary
  • Pottery Painting Glazes to finish your workshop projects: $15
  • Cone 6 glazes to finish your workshop projects: $25 

What are these options?

Dip Glazing:features a selection of seasonal and standard dip glaze colors, including white, seafoam green, cobalt blue, yellow, orange, maroon, clear and more. Dip glazing will cover your entire piece of pottery in a single color. Dip glazing is fast, and does not require a reserved seat. Just drop in to dip your pottery during any of our open hours. 

Pottery Painting: Apply multiple colors to your works using our paint-like glaze selection. With about four dozen colors to choose from, this is a great way to keep customizing and add precise details. Our pottery paint glazes do not move, change color, drip or behave like normal glazes. You will want to finish your pottery painting session by applying a single coat of clear glaze on top.

Cone 6 Glazes: These are the fancy glazes you see all over social media. They move, change color, interact and will turn almost anything into a masterpiece. They're not for detailed work, perfectionists or control freaks. Cone 6 glazes are  the honey badger of glazes. They also *stink* so we need to know this is what you want to do so we can set you up, away from the rest of us. 

*This pricing is based on the assumption you are completing the pottery you made during one of our workshops. If you are glazing a particularly large piece or large number of pieces, please talk with us for custom pricing. Glaze is extremely expensive and to continue offering as many options as we have, we have to recover our costs. Thank you for your support! 

Want to "paint" glaze something pre-made (not in a workshop by you)? Sign up for Pottery Painting Time. It includes the cost of adopting from our selection of pre-made pottery.

No-Show Policy: As a small community studio, every seat matters and we’re only open when we have bookings. So you can imagine how no-shows make us feel. Effective immediately, we will now be charging a $25 no-show fee per seat any time we’re stood up. You’re always welcome to reschedule your class or glaze time as needed; you can do that through our website or via email—that allows us to shift staffing and offer seats to others. And it’s free! Just do it a day in advance, please.

Please be prompt: Due to the small size and shared community nature of our studio, we are unable to hold onto unclaimed work. Pottery that is unclaimed within three months will be tossed.  Please be prompt when glazing and picking up your work so that we can continue to offer maximum access at minimal cost for our community, thank you!

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