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Terracotta Pullman

April Water Color: Palouse Spring Fields

April Water Color: Palouse Spring Fields

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“My first impressions of the beautiful expanses of America in early spring inspired me to paint in watercolors,”Olha Hrytsiuk, artist and Terracotta Pullman instructor. “The moment when nature woke up and gave people energy to live with its boundless green color.”

Featuring a landscape portrait of the Palouse in early spring, this workshop will introduce basic and advanced watercolor skills to students of all ages and abilities. Taught by the masterful artists of our 2024 calendar, Ivanka and Olha will teach us how to create a version of the images in their calendar each month. 

All tools, materials, and expert instruction are included in this workshop.  

This watercolor class is a 2-part series with two options:
Fridays April 19 and 26
Sundays, April 7 and 14
This workshop meets at our sister studio, Studio 509, at The Gladish
12 seats available

Students will learn and practice techniques during the first session and then apply their new skills to finish their art during the second session.


About Our Artist-Instructors:

Olha Hrytsiuk and Ivanka Petrukha are multimedia artists who taught fine arts and art therapy in Ukraine before and during the war. As part of a multi-generational artistic family, they owned and taught in an art studio in Ukraine until the critical situation in the country forced them to leave in the spring of 2023.

 As recent refugees, Ivanka and Olha created an exhibition of their works at the Terrell Library Atrium at Washington State University. Today, they create in the studios of the WSU Art Department and teach painting and ceramics with Terracotta Pullman.

 Finding inspiration in the seasons and the natural world, Olha and Ivanka celebrate the smallest moments, cherish being alive to experience those moments, and work to convey this sense of joy and happiness through their art.

As teachers, Ivanka and Olga demonstrate their joy and talents through accessible techniques, empowering students to free themselves through a joyful, creative process. Book your place in their workshops and see more of their beautiful and inspiring work at 

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