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Terracotta Pullman

October 6: Terracotta Throw Down

October 6: Terracotta Throw Down

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Thank you for Supporting our Downtown Vibe!

Terracotta's Pottery Throw Downs feature free wheel opportunities for all ages and abilities during the first half of the event, and then transition into competitive contests for experienced potters to throw some mud around and win bragging rights (and gift cards to the studio!). Everyone is encouraged to come play with clay, and stay to cheer and jeer our potters as they Throw Down. 

To Enter:
Enter the contests: $15 per entry/category or $55 to enter all five categories  (same day)

First-place prize in each category: $100 gift card to Terracotta 
Second place: $25 giftcard to Terracotta 

Each category is for 10 minutes, except where otherwise noted. 
  • Category 1: Barbie Vase--In this contest, potters will attempt to throw a small, functional vase fit for Barbie's Dream House. In addition to throwing, potters must customize their creations with pink underglaze.  Winner selected by votes. 
  • Category 2: Matching Candlesticks--Candlesticks must be at least 6" tall; winner selected based on closest match/closest to identical. 
  • Category 3: Coordinating Goblets--They don't have to match, but they need to make a distinctive, stylized pair. This category has 15 minutes. 
  • Category 4: Most Bowls in 10 Minutes--Bowls must be functional, centered, at least 4.5" in diameter and appropriate for use. *Quality bowls may be kept by Terracotta and used to support our Bowls of Soul events to raise donations for area foodbanks and services. 
  • Category 5: Tallest Bowl--We're measuring height, that's it. Must be wide enough to hold multiple pieces of fruit, like oranges, apples, bananas. *Quality bowls may be kept by Terracotta and used to support our Bowls of Soul events to raise donations for area food banks and services. 

  • To keep the costs of these events accessible, only winning work may be finished in the studio. Potters will not keep work thrown at this event;  All clay will be recycled so we can continue to offer these public events. 
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