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Terracotta Pullman

Terracotta Beads! Happy Hour Thursdays

Terracotta Beads! Happy Hour Thursdays

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Like Macrame? Jewelry? Or know someone who does? We're making custom red-clay beads, perfect for hanging planters, chunky and funky necklaces and car air fresheners! Best part? Because this is a small pottery project, the beads are ready to glaze the next week, and take home ASAP. And because we're using the red clay, the beads look stunning with or without glaze, your choice.

 In this workshop, we will shape clay by pressing it through large pottery equipment that shapes the clay as it comes out the other side, like pasta makers, but dirtier. Clay beads can be customized by length, glaze, added textures and underglazes

Each workshop includes:
  • 1lb of red clay-- which makes a lot of beads! 
  • Firing and dip-glazing
  • Instructor-supported use of our studio equipment and wall extruder 

Join us for a Happy Hour pottery project every Thursday, featuring a functional pottery project made using our clay extruders every week. Projects include: butter dishes, lidded jewelry boxes,  business card holders, ring dishes, soap dishes, olive dishes, beads and more. 

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