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Terracotta Pullman

Teapot Tuesdays! Beginner Friendly Pottery Project

Teapot Tuesdays! Beginner Friendly Pottery Project

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Join us to slab-build a real, honest-to-goodness teapot, the first Tuesday of every month! 

With a half dozen new tea pot templates to pick from, you can make the tea pot that's just right for you.

Participants will learn and practice beginner-friendly techniques including slabbing clay, attaching handles and glazing.  

Keep it simple: Sculpt your teapot with us, then return on the next Teapot Tuesday the following month (or the month after that) to glaze! and enjoy the company of all the new teapot makers! Just get back to finish and pick up your project within three months, please! 

As always, all materials, tools, instruction, firing and glazing included. 

All Ages, All Abilities Welcome and Celebrated. 

Teapot Tuesdays!
Feb. 6
March. 5
April 2
May 7
Price: $65 per seat 
Instructor: Tavinder Black
Seats are limited!


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