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Terracotta Pullman

Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks

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Got a special thing you’re saving for? In this workshop we will use pinch-pot and sculpting techniques to create one-of-a-kind piggy banks! Create sculptures that are inspired by your goals, dreams, or favorite animal

This workshop is beginner-friendly for kids and adults of all ages and abilities. Students will utilize pinch-pot techniques create two bowls, and then add simple sculpting techniques to form the bowls into a hollow container, adding ears, nose, face or any other desired details.  

Piggy Banks can be made with or without a cork change drain for easy empty and repurposing. 

This workshop includes all instruction, equipment firing and dip-glazing in one of our new seasonal colors. Paint-like glazing can be selected by signing up for our Pottery Painting times slots. 


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