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Terracotta Pullman

Littles & Folks

Littles & Folks

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In this one-day, one-hour workshop kids will get their hands dirty and learn to create sculpture through simple hand-building techniques. Come make creations such as Chonky Dinosaurs, Doggos, Bunnies and more each week with a Terracotta instructor with the studio set up for our littlest potters and their folks.

Each child/adult duo (one price includes a seat for both!) is provided with a pound of clay to work with and guided with age and skill-appropriate tools and instruction.

  • Chonky Chickens
  • Chonky Doggos
  • Chonky Kitties
  • Chonky Lions
  • Chonky Dinosaurs
  • Chonky Rabbits
  • Chonky Turtles
  • Chonky Fish
  • Chonky Frogs
  • Chonky Trucks & Cars
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