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Terracotta Pullman

Leap Day: $45 Chonky Frogs All-Included Ceramics Workshop

Leap Day: $45 Chonky Frogs All-Included Ceramics Workshop

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As if we needed a reason to make frogs out of clay!

Take a leap and join this littles-and-bigs-friendly sculpting workshop!


Chonky Frog Workshops:

Feb. 28: In Moscow at Craft, on 3rd street in Moscow


Feb. 29: In Pullman at Terracotta on Grand Ave in Pullman





 All clay, instruction, firing and glazing included.  Our Moscow students can finish their pottery at Craft three weeks after creating. Our Pullman students can finish their frogs at Terracotta, three weeks after creating. 

These chunky frog statues are perfect paper weights for that pile of stuff you're avoiding, or great Plant Pals for your indoor pots, too. 

Honestly, we think every desk needs a frog. They're great at helping you prioritize the most important tasks to tackle first.  



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