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Terracotta Pullman

Hand Bowls

Hand Bowls

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Join local artist Heather Woolery-Larsen for a two part workshop designing one-of-a-kind Hand Bowls in our Moscow studio. Students will spend Day 1 (June 22nd) of the workshop designing their bowls, and Day 2 (June 29th) glazing their bowls. 

On Day 1 of this workshop, Heather will guide students through the slab-rolling process, help select textures from our wide array of stamps and textured rolling pins, show how to cut hand shapes out of clay, and, finally, assemble hand outlines into a bowl.  

Students will return a week later for Day 2 of this workshop to pick a dipping glaze from our glaze bar, and finish this unique piece of art. 

(For kids aged 6-11 years old). 

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