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Friday the 13th: Black Cat Candle Holders and Trinket Dishes

Friday the 13th: Black Cat Candle Holders and Trinket Dishes

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Join Ukrainian Ceramic Artist Ivanka Petrukha  and Terracotta Owner Candace Baltz to create beautiful, funky kitty candle holders and dishes, purrrrfect for spooky season! 

We're using our special obsidian black clay for this Friday the 13th workshop. This pottery is naturally black without glazing! Even better? Your black cats will be ready to take home and use in time for Halloween.

This workshop utilizes slabbing and sculpting techniques, and is purrrfect for all ages and abilities. Black clay does stain, so wear black clothes, or clothes you can get dirty.

Obsidian clay has been hard to get so we are very excited to have one box of it for this workshop. Due to the black clay supply chain challenges, seats are limited.

About the Artists:

Ivanka Petrukha  is an accomplished multi-medium artist who taught art therapy in Ukraine before and during the war.  She and her family owned an art studio near the border, and stayed until there was no choice but to flee.  As a recent refugee, Ivanka is learning English at Spokane Community College and is excited to be part of the Terracotta Pullman team and begin sharing the process of art creation with others again. Ivanka is inspired to celebrate simply being alive and existing, and passionately shares this joy and gratitude with those around her. 

Candace Baltz is the owner of Terracotta Pullman, founded with the vision of Sculpting a Kinder World.  Candace grew up in a pottery studio in Bremerton, Wash., then spent two decades without access to clay while she pursued careers in journalism, media and higher education. In 2020 she decided she'd met her lifetime quota for meetings and just wanted to spend the rest of her time and energy creating joy.  In 2022 she opened Terracotta Pullman to make clay as accessible as possible, so others don't have to go 22 years without it. She spends her days covered in clay, creating community and grounding experiences through pottery.

Friday the 13th: Black Cat Workshop

October 13th

  • 3-5pm
  • 6:30-8:30pm

Price per seat: $55

Includes all materials, equipment, instruction and firing

**video shows Ivanka creating one of her cat sculptures using our dark chocolate speckled clay. Images shows another of her cat sculptures in our white studio clay. This workshop will utilize a black clay, which is dark brown when wet and then changes color in the kiln. 




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