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Forever Gingerbread Houses

Forever Gingerbread Houses

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Craft a Forever Gingerbread House you can keep and decorate, forever! 

Join us for a creative adventure--design and sculpt your own gingerbread house out of our special, deliciously colored clay. Our little holiday homes are dishwasher safe, and even better-they're safe to decorate and frost year after year.

The clay, of course, is not for eating--just for serving your favorite candies and cookies and frosting dips. 

And what makes this better than a traditional, edible gingerbread house? This one can also be lit up by candles.  It's a perfect, sustainable, gluten-free, holiday center piece.

Unleash your inner elf, enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our pottery studio, and take home a timeless piece of holiday joy.

This workshop includes all supplies, tools and enough clay to create one terracotta gingerbread house, approx 8"x8"x6", or up to two smaller ceramic candy and cookie homes.  Bookings are per seat. 

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