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Terracotta Pullman

First Friday: Paint Clay Pumpkins

First Friday: Paint Clay Pumpkins

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Get ready to fall involve with October!

Join Terracotta Artist Tavinder Our team has hand-sculpted a handful of handmade pumpkins for you to pick out and paint or glaze! In this All-Abilities, All-Ages studio time, everyone gets two pumpkins, a rainbow of low-fire glazes to use, and a talented team member to help show you techniques to bring your ideas to life! Don't want to wait for it to be fired? We also have 40 colors of paint-paint, if you'd prefer to take your pumpkin home the same night. 

Glazed pumpkins will be fired and ready to pick up the following week: Monday-Wednesday, 4-8pm and Saturdays, 10am-2pm.

First Friday:

Paint Clay Pumpkins








About the Artist: Tavinder is a talented painter and precision glazer and enjoys translating realistic and fanciful images onto functional pottery. But even more, she enjoys showing people how they can, too! Her current muse is all things insects, but especially beetles. 


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