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Terracotta Pullman

Late Summer Berry Bowls

Late Summer Berry Bowls

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Create a hand-made, one-of-a-kind colander-type bowl, ready to use for the late-summer berry harvests! 

Students will learn how to slab their own clay, choose between different methods of slumping or pressing bowls into shape, and spend most of the workshop customizing their functional pottery through piercing and carving techniques. You can make it as simple or illustrative and decorative as you'd like.

Potters should plan to return to glaze pottery as soon as three weeks after it is created, just no later than two months, please. 

This workshop is a great first introduction to functional pottery creating. Open to all ages and abilities.


Please be prompt: Due to the small size and shared community nature of our studio, we are unable to hold onto unclaimed work. Pottery that is unclaimed within 2 months (after creation or after glazing) becomes the property of the studio and may be given away, sold, or donated at the discretion of the owner of the studio. Please be prompt when glazing and picking up your work so that we can continue to offer maximum access at minimal cost for our community, thank you!

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