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Terracotta Pullman

2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar

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Find the joy and beauty every day of 2024 with our first-ever calendar!

Featuring the beautiful original watercolor and graphic art of two of our artist-instructors, Olha Hrytsiuk and Ivanka Petrukha, sales of this calendar go toward supporting Olha and Ivanka teaching art in our studios and continuing to provide accessible creative experiences for our community.

Even better? Olha and Ivanka will be teaching a 2-part workshop for each month's featured painting, in our sister studio at Studio 509 in Pullman. You can book seats to those workshops by clicking here. 

About Our Calendar:

We hope this calendar helps you live your new year in celebration, and understanding of the diversity and complexity of holidays around the world.

Under soviet rule and influence for the last century, Ukranian holidays were controlled and imposed by the Russian government. At one point, Russia eliminated Christmas entirely, which was how Christmas trees became “New Year’s fir trees” (Novorichna yalynka) in Ukraine. You may notice this in our December art, as well.

 In 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed into law a return to the use of the Gregorian calendar, used by most of the rest of the world, and moving holidays off of the Julian calendar used by the Russian Orthodox church. Prior to soviet rule, Ukraine followed the Gregorian calendar for centuries.

 Volodymyr wrote that this return to the Gregorian calendar springs from a "desire of all Ukrainians to live their lives with their own traditions, holidays" and a goal to “abandon the Russian heritage… imposing the celebration of Christmas” on January 7. About the law, he wrote that it aligns the country with the Ukranian people’s "relentless, successful struggle for their identity."

 In doing so, Ukraine has moved the designated holidays of Orthodox Christian feasts and observances to occur 13 days earlier on their annual calendar, and has also moved important national holidays to occur earlier as well: The Day of Ukrainian Statehood moved from July 28 to July 15; Day of Defenders moved from October 14 to October 1.

The difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars is 13 days, with the Gregorian calendar celebrating holidays earlier.

 This calendar is made possible by the creative collaboration of multiple local, small downtown Pullman businesses, including J&H Printing, Studio 509 and Terracotta Pullman. 

  • January:  "The Wisdom of Choosing Your Path" “For me, the image of an owl is like a wise look to choose the right path”.—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  February: "Elizabeth's Cat" A Pullman, Washington cat named Catastrophe, waiting for spring.
  •  March: "Spring Morning" “My first impressions of the beautiful expanses of America in early spring inspired me to paint in watercolors.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  April : "Lands of the Pole Hill" “The moment when nature woke up and gave people energy to live with its boundless green color.” –Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  May: "Fragrant lavender" “This painting is a memory of pleasant moments of life.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  June: "Sunflower - a symbol of the sun, life and strength." “Sunflowers bloom endlessly in the fields of Ukraine. Yellow and blue - the colors of our motherland.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  July "Juicy peaches" “The taste of summer, warmth and comfort. My childhood memories in the garden near my home.”--Ivanka Petrukha
  •  August "Pears and Dragonfly" “The generosity of summer in the form of a pear and the perfection of natural forms, beauty in details.” –Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  September "The view from my window in summer" “I love flowers very much and they feel the same way. They are always near me.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  October "Pumpkin Stories" “Festive, autumn pumpkins are the best treat for squirrels.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  • November "The hot color of autumn" “This was my first autumn in my life that gave me so many bright colors.”—Olha Hrytsiuk
  •  December "Postman of Happiness" “This Is the time when dreams come true. We wish you bold plans and their realization.”—Ivanka  Petrukha

About the Artists:

Olha Hrytsiuk and Ivanka Petrukha are multimedia artists who taught fine arts and art therapy in Ukraine before and during the war. As part of a multi-generational artistic family, they owned and taught in an art studio in Ukraine until the critical situation in the country forced them to leave in the spring of 2023.

 As recent refugees, Ivanka and Olha created an exhibition of their works at the Terrell Library Atrium at Washington State University. Today, they create in the studios of the WSU Art Department and teach painting and ceramics with Terracotta Pullman.

 Finding inspiration in the seasons and the natural world, Olha and Ivanka celebrate the smallest moments, cherish being alive to experience those moments, and work to convey this sense of joy and happiness through their art.

 They hope this calendar will help you find joy and see the beauty of every day of 2024.

As teachers, Ivanka and Olga demonstrate their joy and talents through accessible techniques, empowering students to free themselves through a joyful, creative process. Book your place in their workshops and see more of their beautiful and inspiring work at 

Established in 2022 with a vision to Sculpt a Kinder World, Terracotta Pullman is an independent pottery and community studio located in Pullman, Washington. Sales of this calendar go toward supporting Olha and Ivanka teaching art in our studios and providing accessible creative experiences.

 Terracotta Pullman would like to thank our inspiring and generous local partners in creating this calendar and supporting our artists, with special gratitude to J&H Printing, Studio 509, Liz Siler, and the Founding Members of Terracotta Pullman.

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