Collection: Beginner Wheel Orientation Classes

FINALLY!! We are so excited to announce New Beginner Wheel Classes!

These 90-min classes are for folks who are new to potters wheels. 

Students will learn basic skills, such as how to wedge (prepare) the clay, center the clay on the wheel, and form a bowl. Students will also learn about the different tools available to help, and how to set up and clean up the wheel (a community expectation for all studio users).

August, September and October sessions are limited to two students, with a one-to-two instructor ratio, with both students sharing the wheel and taking turns. This is an ideal learning situation for a couple or friends. 

November and December sessions are limited to six students, with each student having full use of a wheel for the entire period. 

Once a student has completed  a basic orientation workshop, they are welcome to sign up to repeat it, or begin to practice what they learned during Wheel Hour time slots. Practice is highly recommended for beginners to build their muscles and skill in time to learn how to throw different objects, such as mugs, vases, candle holders, plates and more.

More advanced workshops and classes will be available later in fall and winter, stay tuned!

Classes are scheduled for 90 minutes of instruction, and students should plan on about 30 minutes for set-up and clean up, for a total of 2 hours.