Jan. 8, 2023: It’s time to schedule joy.


Welcome Back, Friends!

It’s time to schedule some joy before the day-to-day hustle consumes your calendar again! Here’s what’s coming up in your Pullman Happy Place:

Special This Week Only:

All Month:



Got a special event or a team that needs to re-connect around a shared vision? We offer private bookings and team building activities, too! Email for more info.

Glazed & Confused:

We’re offering three types of Glaze Time color options now!

  • Complimentary: All clay bookings will continue to include complimentary glazes and glaze days. These glazes include about 20 options for colors and were curated based on what has been most popular in the studio plus some of Candace’s favorites. This selection will change as we run out of glazes and bring in new ones. This system aligns with our mission to Create Community through Creative Spaces by providing more opportunities for people to connect and share a table, glazes, and creative experience.

  • Underglazes: Underglazing means you do not have to schedule a glaze day to finish your work. It also provides an opportunity for very precise color application that stays put—almost like drawing, and a lot more like painting than glazing! Just use the underglazes the same day you create, and we will dip it in a clear glaze for you so it’s ready to take home about 10 days-2 weeks after creation. Underglazing is an “upgrade” option for every registration and workshop.

  • Premium: Candace’s private collection of glazes will be available a few times a month on premium glaze days. This is where you can find the speckled glazes, vintage gold, and a wide assortment of shades of the same colors and some cool glazes that add effects and interactions. These glazes are available in much smaller quantities in general, and some of these glazes are not available to re-order at all.

Why did we change the way we glaze?

Well…our hearts broke too many times watching folks waste --down the drain!-- glazes that we spent a lot of time and money on. We just couldn’t let that continue.

The pottery industry has not bounced back from the pandemic and is still dealing with supply-chain issues. This allows us more flexibility as we continue to navigate those challenges as a community.

We’re pretty excited about what we came up with here and we hope you will be, too. We’re able to offer an unparalleled selection of complimentary glazes as a studio, a premium variety of nuanced shades and finishes some folks really want, plus new options that allow for quicker turnaround and skipping glaze days altogether. Win-Win-Win!


  • Our second studio sink makes clean up faster 😀

  • Fresh Outta The Kiln pottery is held in the cart outside our studio for one day before making its way to the shelves in the back. That means if you get down here the day your pottery comes out of the kiln, you can grab it quickly, easily, almost invisibly. Like a ninja. A pottery ninja. That could be you, if only you knew when your work came out of the kiln…

  • Check Out Our IG and FB feed each morning to see what just came out of the kiln that morning! We’re now posting daily photos of what we’re unloading, so you can come grab it faster.

  • Starting 2023, we now require all pottery to have a Maker’s Mark and date of creation on the bottom in order to be fired. No MM or date? It will be recycled. Sorry not sorry. Our shelves are moving to a Made Date organization system this month, so if there’s no date, there’s no place for it to go in the studio.

  • Pottery has four weeks after it is created to be picked up or glazed.

  • All remaining pottery made in 2022 (December, November) has until Feb. 1 to be picked up or glazed.

  • Did you make pottery before that and… left it with us? Oh. Oh no, my friend. Forget about the pottery, friend. The pottery is just a symptom. How are you doing? Like, really? Stop by and visit us for a complimentary cup of tea, a shoulder, and a pep talk. You got this. I mean, not the pottery. Obviously. That’s long gone. But you. It’s a new year, and you’ve got a chance to write a different chapter; to script a plot twist. To make it different from last year. To prioritize yourself. To schedule more joy. More downtime. And you’re always welcome in our studio to play with mud, even if you’ve forgotten your creations before. Let’s be real: You didn’t leave your Maker’s Mark on it back then; you’re the reason we require that now. And that also means we don’t even know it was you who abandoned hundreds of pounds of fired clay in Pullman’s Worst And Most Expensive Storage Unit (our back room). So there’s no judgment. Just a clean canvas, a welcoming studio, and good vibes, friends. We appreciate you.

Every booking helps us expand our hours, offerings—and organizational strategies! Thank you for your support of our tiny, local studio! Your dollars make a direct impact right here. In December, they helped us fix the kiln when it broke unexpectedly and provided the funds to have a custom organization cabinet created by a local artist and cabinet maker. Come check it out! It’s gorgeous.

This week’s hours for pick-ups:

  • Monday: 4-8 p.m.

  • Tuesday-Friday: 9-11 a.m. and 4-8 p.m.

See you in the studio, friends, and keep kiln’ it!


Owner/Primary Pottery Finder/Terracotta

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