Jan 22, 2023: New Wheel Workshops, Val/Galentine's & More at Terracotta!

Jan 22, 2023: New Wheel Workshops, Val/Galentine's & More at Terracotta!


Happy Sunday, Friends!

Here’s a quick update on what’s new in Pullman’s Happy Place!

Have you taken the wheel orientation class and are ready for more coaching and an instructor-led project? We’ve got you. Wheel’s not your thing (yet)? We’ve got you, too.

New workshops:

Got a special day coming up? Book the studio! We do birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, team building and add the FUN to your functional work meetings, too.

Support Local Artists:

We’ll have a table or ten again at the Artist Market the evening of Feb. 3 in the Lumberyard. Come buy some handmade mugs, earrings, and/or a drink! Some of our favorite local artists will also be there for one-of-a-kind Valentine’s, Galentine’s and self-love gift-giving. Yes, there will be uterus mugs. But only so many—so you can also pre-order one!

Custom Handmade Mugs:

We’re accepting a small number of custom handmade mug orders for Valentines Day. Orders must be received by Jan. 31 to be ready for in-studio pick-up by Feb. 14; or received by Jan. 26 to be ready to ship in time for a Valentine's arrival.

Terracotta Mugs can be just about as custom as you’d like, shaped like hearts, squares or cylinders, with hand-carved renderings from photos, plus symbols, words, names, inside jokes—check out what our studio artists can do! Funds from these sales support our mission to Sculpt a Kinder World through fair wages for local artists and increasing access to our community studio.

Valentine’s & Galentine’s Workshops:

Come get your hands dirty in our studio before or after grabbing dinner downtown this Valentine’s! We’re a small studio, seats are super-limited, so book early:

The less-fun but important stuff:

  • As a small community studio, every seat matters and we’re only open when we have bookings. So you can imagine how no-shows make us feel. Unfortunately we’ve had several the last few weeks, so we will now be charging a $25 no-show fee per seat any time we’re stood up. We just can’t eat the cost of being stood up and keep our prices low anymore.

  • You’re always welcome to reschedule your class or glaze time as needed; you can do that through our website or via email—that allows us to shift staffing and offer seats to others. And it’s free! Just do it a day in advance, please.

  • Pottery made in 2022 has until Feb. 1 to find its way out of the studio. After that it will be repurposed, re-homed, re-imagined. Check out what happened to the lonely pumpkins.

  • If you’re making small things (2” diameter or less) they need a Maker's Bowl to be fired in. It’s a big kiln and we do not fire little pottery all by itself.

  • All pottery must include the date it is created on the bottom, and a Maker's Mark, or it will not be fired.

This Week’s Hours:

We’re open Monday-Friday 4-8 p.m. for pottery pick-ups.

As a tiny studio just getting on our feet, we’re only open when we have paid bookings, so that’s why you’ll notice that our hours change a little each week. Want to see us open more? Schedule more time in our studio 😁

We are so grateful for you and your enthusiastic support, friends!! This spring you’ll notice your dollars at work in our local community studio with improved and expanded pottery organization and shelving in the front and back spaces—and—a PUG MILL to reclaim pottery almost instantly! Want to help us name the pug mill? Reply with your suggestions!

See you in the studio,



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