Dec. 28, 2012: Terracotta New Year Newsletter


Happiest of New Years, friends!

Great news! Our kiln is back up and firing, and we're making fast work of getting through all of December's pottery. In fact, we're feeling so good about it, we just updated our website with more winter workshops and other offerings, and hope to see you in the studio soon!

New in the New Year

Leave Your (Maker’s) Mark: By the end of January, we will have a larger space dedicated to bisqueware and finished pottery for pick-ups—including shelves for each day of the month so your work becomes easier and quicker to locate once it is out of the kiln!

To make way for this new space, starting Jan. 1, 2023, all pottery made in the studio must include a Maker’s Mark and the date it is made. We use this information to organize all of our community's creations and help you track and reclaim your work in a timely manner. As of that date, any new pottery that does not have a date and Maker’s Mark will be recycled. Items made in December without a Maker’s Mark and date will still have four weeks to be claimed by their artist before being rehomed or recycled.

Want to create a Maker’s Mark stamp for yourself? We've made a few workshops available to help get everyone ready.

Are you really into this idea of organizing? AWESOME. Please make a Maker’s Bowl, too! Funds from these workshops help us re-imagine our studio workflow to get everyone their pottery back as quickly and easily as possible.

Members’ Closet: Starting February 1, 2023, our members will receive their very own shelf space in the studio office to keep in-process and bisque-fired work. Members also receive a unique PIN to access the clay studio at any time outside of “open” hours. We have room for two more household memberships—let us know if you'd like to learn more.

Chonky Thursdays: We've added more Littles & Folks Chonky sculpting classes to early Thursday afternoons—these classes are intended for little kids aged 9 and younger, plus a loving grownup in their life. Little kids should be signed up with their parent, guardian, or other loving grownup on a 1:1 ratio.

If you have two little kids to bring to class, please also bring a relative or family friend to help with them. Three kids? Bring three adults. An entire basketball team? Awesome. Let's book a private event instead.

Almost Last Call

This is a last-call for our Tween Clay Camps Jan. 4-6. We have two options: A wheel workshop in the mornings, and a sculpting workshop in the afternoons. Seats are limited.

Our normal wheel orientation classes are intended for older teens and up, so if you have a 10-14 year old who has been eager to learn to throw—this is the opportunity for them. Please also remember—when you sign your tween up for a clay camp, you need to also return with them two weeks after camp to pick up your pottery or glaze it.

Just Added: Winter Workshops

We've added our January, February, March, and April Beginner Wheel Orientation Classes for ages 15 and up—with intermediate classes coming soon!

Word of the Year Tiles: Think of this as a beautiful, artistic and really sturdy sculptural mural of a vision board for this new chapter in your life. Suitable to hang on a wall, you could also choose to leave your word unglazed and use it as an essential oil diffuser.

Mug Mondays: Slab-build a mug or two using our 585+ textures and be ready to enjoy coffee, cocoa, or tea (or soup?) before Valentine’s Day. Mugs are ready to glaze two weeks after creation.

By popular demand, we're making Mushroom Windchimes again!

And Incense Holders on Jan. 25: This workshop is a great opportunity to experiment with layering our tie-dye glazes in the studio to create some colorful, funky, and one-of-a-kind reactions.

January's Kiln' It with Kindness Series: The Patriarchy Sucs

Every Tuesday in January we are sculpting something succulent-inspired, with a portion of all enrollments going to support local feminist causes, as chosen by you! Sign up for all four workshops and get a discount:

Thank you for supporting our community pottery studio! We are blown away by the kindness and understanding we experienced as we worked to get our kiln back up and running this month. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

See you in the studio,


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