Dec. 13, 2012: Terracotta Discount Ends in 2 Days!


Good morning, Terracotta friends!

There’s just two days left to save some money and help us get a hot water heater this winter—Get a 10% discount until Dec. 15 when you buy a gift card or book a workshop. Use code: ThankYouForWarmWater10


Drop-in hours for pick-ups, trimming and glazing: Daily 9-11 a.m. and 4-8 p.m.

Did you know…

There are still significant supply chain issues with glazes, so we changed up our process for our Glaze Days. This helps reduce waste and save you time during this busy season, too.

The next time you come in to the studio you’ll notice a more community-based approach to glazing, with shared gallon buckets at tables.

We’ve curated our glaze collection to feature our 20 favorites. These glazes are dependable and beautiful, and we are so incredibly grateful to be able to provide such a variety of quality all-star glazes for our studio community!

We still need you to book a seat if you’re coming in to glaze—especially now as our team transitions for the holiday season.

No code needed:

See you in the studio,


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